Elton John in the UK

Elton John is one of the UK's most popular performing artists and UK audiences will have an opportunity to see him live in concert again this next year. As one of the most prolific modern performers, his career has spanned over four decades and more than thirty studio albums. Elton John’s person life is almost as intriguing as his professional making him one of the most talked about persons of the past century.

Who is Elton John?

Sir Elton Hercules John was born as Kenneth Dwight in March 1947 and was raised in Pinner, Middlesex. Elton John began his musical training at the piano at the age of three and began performing at family gatherings at seven. Elton John’s faily life was not as easy as his musical career and his parents divorced when he was 15. His father was a Fight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force and attempted to steer his son away from a musical career path, even though he was also a musician with an amateur career as a trumpet player. Fortunately for us all, Elton John choose to walk away from his father’s advise and began his path towards music at the age of 15 as a pub pianist. In 1967 Kenneth Dwight became known as Elton John and teamed up with Bernie Taupin whom he has worked with for the past forty years. After two years as staff songwriters the team struck out on their own to enjoy immense success. In 1984 Elton John married a close friend Renate Blauel. After four years the marriage dissolved amid allegations of a sex scandal including rent boys. Despite personal troubles Elton John’s professional success continued through the ‘80s and ‘90s. John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on February 24th 1998, in recognition of his illustrious career and charitable work. In 2005 Elton John and long-time partner David Funish entered into a civil partnership. While Elton John and his partner do not currently have any children he does have ten godchildren.

UK Concerts

Elton John wowed audiences in the UK in the spring of 2010 and then left us for at least one more year. During the fall of 2010 Elton John will be touring with Ray Cooper throughout Europe in Monaco, Spain, Italy, Malta, France, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Russia, along with other European countries. If you missed his last performance in the UK you will have to wait till 2011 to see Elton John again locally.

In the end, Elton John fans can be assured that this music icon will continue to please crowds in the UK and around the world for years to come. He has lasted through decades of changing musical tastes along with his own personal controversies. Elton John will continue to be a resilient and powerful force in the musical industry for decades to come.