John Mayer Concerts in the UK

Everyone loves a great concert and no one gives a better concert experience than John Mayer. Whether  you are a fan of hip hop, pop, rock or the blues a John Mayer concert will satisfy all of your desires.  If you live in the UK you are fortunate to have an opportunity to see him live in concert this year. In January 2010 he created thousands of new fans in the UK and 2011 should only bring even more to UK audiences. We all know how amazing his music is, but what else do you know about John Mayer? Before you go to one of his incredible concerts you can learn a little about the man behind the music.

About John Mayer

John Mayer is much more than a performing artist. He has pursued interests in writing , comedy, and design all with great success. He was born in 1977 in Connecticut, USA to two teachers as the second of three children. His father is of Jewish decent and although John was not raised in his father's religion he does have an affinity for the Jewish people and religion. At the age of 13 John began to learn to play guitar.  After a life threatening cardiac arrhythmia, sent a 17 year old Mayer to the hospital, he found his life calling as a songwriter. At 19, he attended Berklee School of Music in Boston Massachusetts, but dropped out after two semesters. He then began his career in Georgia playing at the local club scene. In 1999 John Mayer's first album, Inside Want Out, was produced independently. In March 2000 Aware Records signed him as a part of their Aware Festival concerts and compilation CD. Colombia Records then signed John Mayer for his first studio produced album, Room for Squares.  John continued to perform and record as a soloist until 2005 when he founded the John Mayer Trio with  bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan. John Mayer and the John Mayer Trio have always enjoys an eclectic sound ranging from pop to hip hop, funk,  and blues. He loves to work with other artists ranging from Kanye West to BB King to Eric Clapton and more. John Mayer has been recognized as one of the best recording artists of this decade with impressive sales and music awards including Grammy Awards.

Concerts in the UK

John Mayer visited the UK in January of 2010 and audiences have been eagerly awaiting his return.  With his own unique blend of rock, pop and blue John Mayer fans loved the three stops he had in the UK during his 2010 tour. Will we be able to fall in love with John all over again in 2011? While
exact dates are not know at the time of this writing, the rumor is that he plans to revisit the UK in 2011.