Lady Gaga UK Concerts

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, burst upon the music scene in the UK and other countries in 2008 with her debut Album Fame. Since that albums released, Lady Gaga has gone on to sell over 15 million albums and most recently has released her second album “The Fame Monster”. If you have ever seen Lady Gaga UK Concerts then you know her music is a combination of glamor rock and pop music. Lady Gaga combines these two very different genre's into a style that is all her own.

Early Life

Lady Gaga was born in New York and even at the earliest ages showed a love for performance. When she entered high school, the young woman who would become Lady Gaga, starred in several high school musical performances where she learned to love the feel of performing live and this still shows in her Lady Gaga UK concerts. This feeling led her to seek a career in music.

Early Career

Lady Gaga got her frist recording contract at the age of 19 with Def Jam records, but was dropped only three months later. However, unwilling to be dissuaded from a singing career Lady Gaga formed a group called the Stefani Germanotta band. Also during this time she stopped being called Stefani and changed her name to Lady Gaga. Now with name and contacts throughout the business, Lady Gaga began performing live all over the world including in Lady Gaga UK concerts.


There is no doubt that Lady Gaga was influenced by the likes of David Bowie. However she also combines the pop sounds of Madonna and Micheal Jackson.  This combination of influences has led to a very unique sound. However, Lady Gaga looks beyond just music for influence, she also claims that the world of high fashion has influenced her music as well. This may be why her Lady Gaga UK concerts are so well known for how she dressed because Lady Gaga is well known for her stage costumes.


While Lady Gaga enjoys strong support among fans, she is not without her critics. Many critics state that events such as Lady Gaga UK concerts prove that Lady Gaga has no musical talent is only selling sex. Also, many critics claim that none of Lady Gaga's work is original and almost all of it is simply redoing what has been done before. However, her strong and very vocal fan base, use words such as genius to describe her music.

Whether you hate her or like her, there is no doubt that Lady Gaga hs managed what few music artists have recently and that is album sales. If you are a fan of hers, you probably would love to catch her in a Lady Gaga UK concert.