Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has had a long and storied career, who's music career began as a folk artist traveling around Europe in the early 60's . His career has spanned decades and has become one of the most iconic artist to come out of the United Kingdom, playing with the likes of Jeff Beck and the Rolling Stones.

Rod eventrually returned to England in 1963 and joined the Birmingham based R&B group Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions as a vocalist and harmonica player. The group toured the United Kingdom, however, only recorded one single for Pye Records. The single featured Stewart on blues harp. Stewart also worked as a session musician and played harmonica solo on Millie Small's hit “My Boy Lollipop”.

During 1965 Stewart's next band called Hoochie Coochie Men toured with the Rolling Stones and the Walker Brothers on a United Kingdom tour, despite not having a single on the charts. In 1966 his group disbanded and Stewart eventually joined the Jeff Beck Group. This spelled the begenning for Stewart's stardom. The Jeff Beck Group released hit singles in both The U.S. And U.K.  and toured both countries several times until the band broke up after their second album in 1969.

The Faces

Stewart joined with the bassist from the Jeff Beck Group and joined a band called Small Faces who had had a previous hit. Eventually the band shortened its name to simply the Faces. During this time Stewart also signed a solo contract and released his first album “An old Raincoat Won't Let You Down” which was retitled in the United States to “The Rod Stewart Album” which failed to chart in the U.K., though reached 139 in the United States charts.

The Faces with Rod Stewart released  a two albums before hitting number one with “Every Picture Tells a Story” which became a household name on both sides of the Atlantic. Eventually the Djs played the B side, “Maggie May” and the single became an even bigger number one hit in both the U.K. and U.S. For five weeks in September of 1971. Eventually after a long releasing several well received albums, the Faces parted ways after their 1975 tour of “Pool Hall Richard”.

Stewart eventually moved to a more pop influenced style as time continued on and after years to touring eventually went on to a storied solo career releasing numerous chart topping hits, despite a relative critical lull in the 1980's.

United Kingdom Tour Dates

Rod Stewarts most recent concerts in London on July 30th 2010 and a series of shows in Glasgow  and around England were highly successful, though there are none listed for 2011 as of yet.

Rod Stewart's storied career has been one for the ages, spanning five decades. His career ups and downs have been well documented in several bios on the internet and traditional print, telling a compelling story of a young man born in England during the second World War, and becoming one of the world's great musical icons.